Brower Lake Nature Preserve

Kent County • Est. 2002 • 63 Acres

At a Glance

What to See

Trails wind across the hilly preserve and lead hikers through several forest types and past a variety of wetlands, providing excellent opportunities for birding, wildlife viewing, and enjoying quiet encounters with nature.

Wooden benches provide contemplative resting spots throughout the preserve.

Conservation Value

Brower Lake Nature Preserve protects wetlands and forest in an area increasingly pressured by development.

Along with a sphagnum bog and a mature oak-hickory forest, the preserve also contains remnants of an oak barrens natural community – one of Michigan’s rarest ecosystem types.

What's New

The Land Conservancy is working to restore the oak barrens on the preserve by carefully using prescribed fire and selectively thinning the dense forest canopy.

Volunteers often help to remove invasive species like honeysuckle and garlic mustard that threaten the health of the oak barrens, forests, and other areas of the preserve.


Beginning in the 1800s, portions of the preserve were logged, farmed, or planted with non-native pine. Some of the natural vegetation has recovered since that time, and the Land Conservancy, through the generosity of Peter Wege and the Wege Foundation, established Brower Lake Nature Preserve in 2002.

The preserve’s establishment reflects both the Land Conservancy’s and the Wege Foundation’s commitment to include natural greenspace as part of a developing landscape.

Visitor Information

A small parking area and trailhead are located at 8748 Je-Ne-Be Drive, Rockford, MI. Look for the preserve sign.

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