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At the Land Conservancy of West Michigan, we work to keep nature nearby and help people protect, enjoy, and care for natural land in West Michigan. We conserve land by creating public nature preserves, providing support to communities and local governments creating natural areas, and helping private landowners protect their own land.  We also institute stewardship initiatives to care for the land and provide educational opportunities through workshops and field trips. Learn more.
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Karner blue butterfly

Cutting Trees to Protect Rare Oak Barrens [Update]

Post Update: This week, a crew will be working at Maas Family Nature Preserve to remove trees from six acres of forest that is encroaching on rare oak barrens. Some may wonder, “why is the land conservancy removing trees at one preserve while planting trees at others?” We wrote about that very question in a…

stewardship intern - Lake Michigan

One Week as a Stewardship Intern

“Ugh… day one”… says everyone else on Monday mornings. Not a Stewardship Intern at the Land Conservancy of West Michigan. Our week is action packed, full of adventure and beautiful sights! Monday Herbiciding at Wege Foundation Natural Area Dorthea and I spent the day at The Wege Foundation Natural Area in Lowell herbiciding red maple,…

Wetland changes winter to summer

A Wetland Come to Life

When it comes to restoring natural areas, instant gratification is hard to come by. Most ecological stewardship projects take a long time to unfold. Progress is marked in increments of years, decades, or even longer. If you plant a forest, for example, don’t plan on walking through its shade tomorrow. If you want to remove…

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