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At the Land Conservancy of West Michigan, we work to keep nature nearby and help people protect, enjoy, and care for natural land in West Michigan. We conserve land by creating public nature preserves, providing support to governments creating natural areas, and helping private landowners protect their own land.  We also institute stewardship initiatives to care for the land and provide educational opportunities through workshops and field trips. Learn more.

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Paul the Beetle: A story about keeping nature nearby… on the piano.

“Your pet has escaped and it’s somewhere in our house.” This was our younger daughter, calling my office on the day before Christmas. I was avoiding the holiday crowds by hiding at work. She sounded agitated even before we heard a scream from across the room. “Wait,” she said. “I think we found it.” Our…

Flower Creek Dunes Nature Preserve

The job of protecting the places we love is never done

One of Emily Dickinson’s poems begins: “I dreaded that first robin so…” That first robin cannot come soon enough for me. I love the four seasons, including winter, and love being outdoors in winter, but I have had enough. In idle moments, my mind is pulled to a warm Lake Michigan beach, summer sailing, or…

Native plant sale at Calvin College

West Michigan native plant sales – spring 2015

It sure may not seem like it, but it’s time to start thinking spring! March is just around the corner and with that comes many deadlines for ordering from West Michigan’s native plants sales. If you’d like to add native plants to your yard this spring, check out these native plant sales in our West…

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