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At the Land Conservancy of West Michigan, we work to keep nature nearby and help people protect, enjoy, and care for natural land in West Michigan. We conserve land by creating public nature preserves, providing support to communities and local governments creating natural areas, and helping private landowners protect their own land.  We also institute stewardship initiatives to care for the land and provide educational opportunities through workshops and field trips. Learn more.
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red pine plantation forest

Cutting Trees for Love of Forests

I was taught early in my life to love trees. I have been called a tree hugger many times and I have found a few occasions to actually hug trees. My love of trees led easily to a love of long uninterrupted forest. Forests, being harder to define, are harder to care for and sometimes…

Saul Lake Bog

Prairie Meditations at Saul Lake Bog

A winter visit to Saul Lake Bog Nature Preserve There aren’t many bogs near Grand Rapids and Saul Lake Bog has everything a good bog needs. It has insectivorous plants, those fantastical species that lure insects with their sweetness and devour them for their nutrients. It has spruce islands and open water and, of course,…

Conservation Easement Victory

Legislation Passes Benefiting Conservation Easements Today, congress passed a bill that is great news for owners of conservation easements and for conservation efforts in West Michigan and around the country. When land owners donate their property for a conservation easement they protect the land for their children and generations beyond. (Wait, what’s a conservation easement?…

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